Foster Care

Mission Statement

The mission of the Clark County School District Foster Care Department is to ensure that every child in foster care within the Clark County School District receives a quality education and the support they need to succeed academically. The Foster Care Department strives strive to promote stability and consistency in the educational experiences of children, working collaboratively with schools, foster care agencies, and other community partners to identify and address barriers to academic success. Through advocacy, counseling, and other resources, we aim to empower children in foster care to achieve their full potential and thrive both academically and personally.

Point of Contact:

Dr. Gregory Holloway
Coordinator III
Foster Care Department
After-School and Summer Programming Liaison
College, Career, Equity, and School Choice Unit
Location #0015
(702) 799-1196, ext. 5692

Vicki Dugi
Information Processor
Foster Care Department
College, Career, Equity, and School Choice Unit
Location #0015
(702) 799-1196, ext. 5691

Foster Care Department Duties and Responsibilities

    • Provide guidance, support, and collaboration for educators addressing educational and career needs of foster care students.
    • Collaborate with child welfare agencies and school staff to ensure compliance with SB 147, and SB 354. For more information visit the
      Title I HOPE.
    •  Coordinate with foster care agencies and district personnel for the safe and efficient transportation of foster care students.
    •  Assist with school transitions and ensure uninterrupted educational services, monitoring academic progress and attendance for foster care students.
    • Provide guidance and support for the well-being of students in foster care.

The Academic Plan serves as a comprehensive guide for planning, monitoring, and managing the educational development of students in foster care. The purpose is to determine the necessary assistance required to support their academic progress. The Academic Plan should be reviewed when a student enrolls in a new school or annually, ensuring that it remains current and aligned to the needs of students.

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NRS. 432B.462 Educational decision maker: Appointment

Educational Rights for Children in the Foster Care System (PDF)

Understanding the Unique Needs for Educators (PDF)

Department of Family Services Overview – Comprehensive Presentation (PDF)